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Spouts and nozzles for garden fountains.

Chorros de agua para fuentes de jardín.

Water Jets

Boquillas para Fuentes de Jardín.

Water Figures

Cortinas de agua para Fuentes de Jardín.

Water curtains

The most original nozzles for garden fountains.

Would you like to design and create your own font?

Think it's complicated and you can't afford it?

We want to make it very, very easy for you:

We dedicate this space to put at your disposal the most original water effects so that >>you yourself<< are able to compose the fountain of your dreams.

Crystalline and sparkling jets, water curtains and figures,... What do you like best?

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About us

Spanish manufacturers and distributors of nozzles for garden fountains. We are happy to be able to offer you the most unexpected designs, shapes and water effects so that you can design that magical environment where you can enjoy the most unforgettable moments.

Testimonials from our Clients

G. Triviño

I hardly knew anything about Fountain Nozzles. Now, with your invaluable help, I understand it easily and amusingly. Yesterday we made a toast to the health of all of you who have collaborated in the creation of the fountain that has my family so amused these days. Thank you for your help and for the attentions you have so diligently given me, ¡Hasta Siempre!

A. J. Barrero

Dear Fulgen,... we have already got the order at home. What an efficiency! Then they say that if the Germans... hehehehe. I often buy on the internet and the truth is that it has been one of the best and quickest orders I have ever received. Thank you very much for your advice and excellent response. I can't wait to finish so I can send you some photos of the result. I will continue to recommend you. Here's a friend.

J. B. Fdez.

Thank you very much for your prompt response and the kindness of providing me with so much information on my query. I would like to thank you for your friendly treatment and your total efficiency in the performance of your service.


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