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Space dedicated to decoration with water.

The 10 Most Spectacular Water Fountains in Spain.

Water fountains can be found in cities, towns and parks all over the country and are an impressive sight, a magnet for tourists and locals alike, creating that magical and refreshing environment that we love so much. Here are the 10 most spectacular decorative water fountains in Spain: Fuente de Cibeles, Madrid: The Fuente de […]

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Decorate a Pond with Garden Fountain Nozzles.

Decorating a pond with fountain nozzles is a great way to add a touch of beauty and movement to the garden. Here are some steps to decorate a pond with fountain nozzles: Choose a location for the fountain: Be sure to choose a location for the fountain that is visible from several angles and near […]

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Install fountain nozzles with collars.

I am often asked how to install fountain nozzles in a simple way. When we have a fountain in our garden with a single water effect or nozzle, the installation is usually very simple, either we screw our pipe directly to the submersible pump or we make a small installation to bring water to our […]

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