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What could be more beautiful and relaxing than the crystalline jets of the Alhambra?

Many authors write about water in motion:

The Alhambra was built and designed around water. A fabulous combination of this element with the design of its architecture and vegetation.

Water in the Alhambra has a continuous presence. Impossible to imagine without it.

Some of the functions of water in the Alhambra are biological, productive and ritual.

An archetype of the Islamic paradise. Ideal for meditation and evasion.

The image of paradise is also found in El Palacio de los Leones but the presence of water here is in continuous movement.

Garden Fountains - Patio de los Leones Alhambra

But it is in the ludic-aesthetic function that water plays a fundamental role.

An intimate fusion  between architecture and water that breaks the boundary between the real and the imaginary.

Thanks to the stillness of the water, the blue limpidity is reflected, the trembling of the stars and the architecture looks like crystal palaces.

Andalusian literature is rich in images about the pool. It is compared to the crystal pavement that King Solomon built and the reflection of the stars submitting to the sovereign.

The poem carved in his fountain gives water a stony category: “What flows is so similar to what is inert that we do not know which of the two flows”.

In the Partal we find again the water stopped and the pool has another characteristic: the place where the architecture looks like a bride in the mirror.

Alhambra El Partal Garden Fountains

Water has an important spatial function as it connects all the spaces of the garden-paradise.

Water springs from the bottom of the earth and goes upwards, breaks through the barrier of levels, to come to earth to produce life.

Water also brings its continuous renewal, abundance and purity; it helps life, quenches thirst and always returns to its primitive state, immutable and identical to itself.

(Texts extracted from his video: “WATER: SYMBOL OF THE ALHAMBRA). >> SEE VIDEO HERE.

Flavia Falquez

The water enveloped me with murmurs of color and freshness, near and far, from all the watercourses, all the streams and all the springs. It went down without fin the water next to my ear, which collected, put to it, even the most finest whisper, with a contagious quality, of exquisite wonderful instrument of harmony; better it was, lost in itself, no longer instrument, music of water, music made successive, endless water. And that music of the water I heard it more and more and less at the same time; less, because it was no longer external, but intimate, mine; the water was my blood, my life, and I heard the music of my life and my blood in the flowing water. Through water I communicated with the interior of the world. The Grenadian water was heard more and more finely each time, as the air darkened and as the water sounded; and it tuned me more, more sounding and resonating the soul, until it made me not to hear, to say being what it undoubtedly was or said.

Juan Ramon Jimenez

Does the sound of moving water relax you too?

Here is our new video with crystal clear jets for you to collect ideas.

I have been lucky enough to enjoy the crystalline jets of La Alhambra on a couple of occasions and I am looking forward to repeat.

Garden Fountains Crystal Jets of the Alhambra Generalife Parabolic Jets Jets Nozzles Nozzles Decorative Water Nozzles

Rows of jets, in circles, in rhombus, in the shape of a letter,…

As many combinations with water as you can think of.

Garden fountain nozzles are among the most classic and combinable.

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