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Pump for fountains and ponds. How to choose it?

After a long time thinking about how, you have finally decided to create the fountain that makes you so excited and you consider which pump for fountains would be the most recommended.

In many cases it is not complicated but it is more than advisable to follow some guidelines so that the installation is successful.

After a previous work you already have clear:

  • the location of your source.
  • the nozzle or set of water effects that you like the most. (SEE MORE MODELS TO GET IDEAS).
  • the decorative container or pond.
  • what will the installation be like?

A very recurring question at this point:

Which fountain pump would my custom pond or container need?

It will depend on the type of installation you are designing.

1 pump >>> 1 nozzle >>> a water effect

If what you want is to enjoy a single water effect in a custom-made container or small decorative pond, the decision is not entirely complicated.

The pump for fountains will depend on the more or less intensive use that you are going to give it.

If the conditions are not too adverse, we recommend the use of decorative pumps with an integrated pre-filter.

A priori, the information provided by the pump manufacturer is:

  • Maximum height to which the effect must be taken (from the pump outlet).
  • Maximum flow (liters per hour).

The calculation of the fountain pump will be estimated after knowing the characteristics of the nozzle or nozzle to be used.

Suppose we want to implement one of our nozzles in our source:

  •  GLOBO (consumption of 1100 litres/hour and optimal effect generated from 2 bars).

Since the effect is small and we will connect the nozzle directly to the outlet of the fountain pump, with a flow rate of 1100 liters per hour it will be more than enough.

In any case, if we later want to increase the effect (on a figure inside the fountain...) or we want to change the mouthpiece for a model with more consumption (ballerina with 2 crowns, water flower,...), it is It is totally advisable to acquire a pump of at least 1,200 / 2,500 liters per hour. The option to regulate down the flow of the same with a valve is always available.

It is also highly advisable to take into account that the pump outlet includes a thread (at least 1/2") compatible with our chosen nozzle or that we have the option of making the necessary couplings for its installation.

We have come across low-flow decorative water pumps that integrate a plastic nozzle. We can assure you that the result is not even close to what I mentioned above.

The combination must be to your liking and choice.

One of the most used pumps for fountains and the one we use the most for small installations:


Ideal for small containers and ponds. From 80/90 centimeters you get excellent results. Includes a 1/2" threaded outlet - compatible with a wide variety of nozzles (nozzles, nozzles, tips).

1 or more pumps >>> set of nozzles >>> various water effects and levels

The design of an ornamental fountain with a variety of effects will be somewhat more difficult to calculate.

Its complexity will logically depend on the designed system.

From the time the water leaves the pump until it reaches the nozzles (nozzles, fountain spouts) it passes through a series of elements that will cause what are called head losses.

We will have to take into account:

  • the water course
  • the existence of accessories: valves, elbows, keys, etc.
  • height to which you want to take the water effect
  • characteristics of the nozzle (liters per hour, necessary pressure, height of the effect, etc).

It is highly recommended to go to a specialist for the calculation and estimation of the necessary pump.

The investment is high and we must refine our system to the maximum. Doing it with the old account can be expensive.

Also always consider the option of acquiring a pump for fountains with more flow than necessary for possible future expansions that may occur to us.

In the future we will be adding different pump models to combine with our nozzles so that all this is as easy and accessible as possible.

Thank you for reading us.