Plug and Play Pool Water Fountains (No Installation). • Fuentes de Jardín

Would you like to turn your pool into a fountain in less than a minute?

Water fountains for swimming pool
that do not require any type of installation.

We take advantage of the water return to recreate two beautiful decorative water effects: a rain of crystalline jets (rainbow) or an elegant water curtain (fan). YOU CHOOSE.


Ideal for the
swimming pool decoration
lakes, lakes, pools, swimming pools and ponds.

Anchored to the sides of the pool to avoid disturbance during swimming.

Enjoy your bath even more with these beautiful water toys. A shower of crystalline jets or a relaxing water curtain.

A perfect harmony between visual and sound.

Connect to one of the impellers of your pool and start working. You can connect as many nozzles as you have outlets.

Fountains for swimming pools of very easy installation. Plug and play. Buy in Spain.

No additional installation is required.

Why not enjoy your pool for more hours a day?

Swimming pool water fountains with two interchangeable water effects interchangeable:

FAN Mouthpiece “ABANICO”..
Water curtain for fountains in pools and gardens.

Water Curtain for Swimming Pools. Games for swimming pools.

Mouthpiece “ARCO IRIS“.
Nozzle for garden fountains and swimming pools.

Rain of Crystal Clear Water Jets… Water Games.

Swimming Pool Fountains

Nozzles for pool and garden fountains.

Relax with the fantastic sensation of moving water while contributing to the oxygenation and aeration of the water.

Water fountains for swimming pools ideal to be enjoyed with the family (children love it and adults find it relaxing).

Take advantage of your pool for more hours per day and more days per year.

Parties or moments of tranquility. Your choice.

Water Fountains for Swimming Pools Swimming Pools Piletas

Enjoy your pool all year round.

Crystalline jets for fountains in swimming pools.

Rainbow nozzle (crystalline jets for swimming pools).

Swimming pool fountains without installation Spain

Nozzle Cortina (water cascade for swimming pools).

Maximum fun at a very low price.

Available for purchase in our online store.

Deliveries in 24/48 hours. Free shipping on orders over 100 euros.