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I am often asked how to install fountain nozzles in a simple way.

When we have a fountain in our garden with a single water effect or nozzle, the installation is usually very simple, either we screw our pipe directly to the submersible pump or we make a small installation to bring water to our fountain.

Our pumps are already prepared with 1/2″ or 1″ outlets to facilitate this task.

On the other hand, if the installation consists of more than one water outlet, the use of collars is very practical when installing the nozzles of your fountain. Even more so when we are neophytes in this field.

Install Fountain Nozzles with Collars.

What is a garden fountain collar?

A collar is the simplest way I know of to install a water outlet in a pipe.

For our work, it is of great value that it has a standard threaded outlet for the nozzles we want to use.

All this having carefully chosen the necessary pump, nozzle arrangement and orientation.

A fountain collar is ultimately an accessory that will save you a lot of time when installing fountain nozzles.

Its installation, a priori, is very simple.

How to install fountain nozzles with collars?

Installing Fountain Nozzles in a simple installation.

  1. Drill the tube (the hole will depend on the inner fit of the collar). They usually have an internal access inner tube (where the liquid comes out of the pipe to which they are attached) and a plastic gasket to prevent water leaks and improve the fit.
  2. Adjust the collar (usually adjusted by nuts and bolts).
  3. Thread the selected nipple and go for the next collet.

We are preparing Kits for Garden Fountains composed of nozzles compatible with collars:


CRYSTAL-CLEAR JET COLLAR (KIT-004)Lance Jet with Collar Kit


In the future, we will be adding different models of nozzles with collars to facilitate the design of your fountain.

Thank you for reading us.